"A 21st Century Professional Sociopath"


The unhappy clown is a self aware clown,the self aware clown is tragic, yet comic by necessity. A pointless group delusion but very funny...

Self sufficient, white faced, 3 meter mercenary street based clown. Eccentric, scurrilous, yet engaging mime.

Unique character based idiocentricity applied to corners, pedestrian flows and audience catchment.

"Lurk" is timeless, authentic street performance. My canvas is the general public I force them to look at me. I force them to look at each other. I allow them to see how thin and pointless they're protective veneers.

"I love my work"

Combining cruelty with whimsy, in a sharp comic portrayal of reality using my convention to explore tension and it's relationship to comedy... providing laughter and temporary philosophic relief as the public watch others mildly suffer..

"welcome to my reach out and ridicule someone program"


I have been working with my present stilt/mime/eccentric for close to fifteen years.

The character is self contained, that is, in character, I make my own entertainment.

Mime is technically creating three dimensional objects in space. As such I have three mime children, a wife who abandoned me, a shrapnel wound, recently a machine gun.

I don't do walls or doors, I find walking and sometimes dancing into a strong wind more entertaining when not mimed.

I mime a god I plead to for just one more victim.

three girls

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