Lurk specific LURK SPECIFIC


The 'Lurk' performance can be of variant length.

Involving a white faced eccentric pantomime character who creates a stage, an audience and atmosphere from the dynamics of a corner or any structure that preserves an element of surprise and the pedestrian flow associated with it.

Important note..Manditory requirements for this performance are 1-a corner, 2-pedestrian flow & 3-an audience catchment area. This is not a showcase circle-show more a comic instalation in the same scale as a circle show.

Using mime, dance, his own catalogue of comic interactions, mannerisms and fifteen years of street theatre experience, Martin creates a structured improvisation that is refreshing, unique and extremely funny.

Appealing to all ages, he has performed this show in over fifty cities worldwide.





In character as above, the distinction being no set stage. Entertainment is on more of a roving transitional level as 'lurk' comically explores and interacts with his situation and his audience.


A deliberately wide array of applications having worked in or at Arts and Theater festivals, film premieres, rodeos, elevators, stadiums, shop windows, weddings, nightclubs, railway stations, art galleries, zoos, street parades, casinos, museums, and postal sorting warehouses.


A short comic, high energy, stilt dance piece incorporating Ballet, rock and roll and Broadway dance styles.

This piece has been performed in Tokyo Dome, Europe's largest nightclub and a variety of international venues large and small.

Technical Requirements - 3 meter clearance / even surface 3 x 3 meters or more / P.A.


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