clown description

My performance consists of elements of physical theatre, obtuse pantomime and victims-

lots of victims.

It is a character based performance of indeterminate length.
As such its elastic and can be anywhere from 15 mins to an hour dependent on circumstance or schedule.
My premise is a character and the dynamics of corners.
I use the unending flow of pedestrian traffic, unsuspecting, rounding a corner to find themselves between a large anticipatory audience, (many of whom are past Victims) and a 3 meter tall white faced antagonist.

But what has this cerebral architecture got to do with street performance?

I can only invite you to watch.

For the religious I am sacrilege on legs
For the happy I am a welcome sadness
For the dispossessed I am a gift
The apathetic radiate in spite of themselves
The tragic forget themselves briefly

I don,t want to appear too precious but using words to describe my mime show is akin to curing athletes foot with a landmine.

Not that I am overly subtile, I simulate strangling the public for a living, rather the non vocal aesthetic is difficult to describe.

I am still shocked and intrigued by the content of my show.

If I were to describe my catalogue of interactions on paper-

Most would judge me cruel, aggressive and sociopathicly disturbed.

My character -Lurk- is deeply unhappy, massively resentful, wholeheartedly selfish and thoroughly dissatisfied with himself, his audience, passers by and life itself.

I am a rare clown

I submit pedestrians to indignities.

Engaging in cathartic public bursts of mirth.

A primitive ceremony by a primitive technician.

-Lurk- is spiteful, cruel, untrustworthy, completely silent and hilarious.

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