TITLE--Wall People



The performance takes place on any uninterrupted vertical plane ie, row of shops, long wall (longer the better)
From opposing sides arrive, in their own time, two characters.
They are in every way opposite, one a white bodysuit with blackface and large white eyes, the other inversely blacksuited whiteface with large black eyes.
Their shared premise is that their backs are always against the wall, they are Wallpeople.
Singularly they are a source of amusement as they venture alien and alone,facing forward, traveling sideways, investigating and observing their new environment ,the wall their only real comfort.(Um.. how shall I put this, they gibber.)
What observers see that they don't is that they are destined to meet.
Their comic oblivious confusion at the anticipation of onlookers is broken when their fingers inevitably touch.
Terror follows.
The shock extends their movement vocabulary. they can now see sideways, each other, where they've been, where they want to go.
An investigatory and introductory period follows, then the major conflicts established wherein progress of each is denied by the other. (they cannot, after physical and psychological efforts bypass each other as Wallpeople.)
At the appropriate moment their conflict turns to celebration as they suddenly find themselves back to back and able to disengage their wall.
Another dimension.
The piece is designed for this to be 'the moment'.

A choreographed movement piece follows. Then variations on a theme as the characters either engage the audience in a reversal of form by putting out a container and, back at the wall, applauding anytime money is dropped into it(passive) or whatever other studied improvisational tangent my casting criteria encourages.
Resolution is where the two characters rejoin the wall such that they can continue in their original directions, bid farewell to each other and continue a short distance.
At this point they step away from the wall and bow.

. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS--Consultation regarding venue.

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS--Festivals, corporate, other

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