As an adjunct to Anti-gravitys 'Fly Fishing' performance and as a central premice of the piece.

FLYS are sold.

These Flys come in a variety of sizes, are made of plastic and each fly is contained inside a decorative plastic bubble with a signed , numbered information sheet detailing the flys name, its favorite smell and a favorite passtime.

Admittedly its pointless nonsense but then so are you.

Anti-gravity flys are a unique addition to anyones impulse-buying fixation and as a gift they say "I'm a confused human being but I'm trying. Please love me and together we can look for a cure."

They also display...

A sense of humanity and humour
Proof of Arts Sponsorship
A strange yet somehow wise set of priorities

"It is a cherished ambition that one day one will be re-sold on E-bay."

Cost $50 US

In either US currency or cash cheque.

Posted to M.Ewen

33 Pierce Ln
West Cornwall
CT 06796

(Please allow 14 days delivery, include return address and valid e-mail with payment)

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