This year is one of simple pieces with complex underpinnings driven by basic principles.

What I mean by that is I intend to focus on continuing to confuse those who read what I write in the hope they will overestimate my intelligence while their own search for meaning resonates with my continued articulate confusion [as that seems to have worked so far] while producing largely observational clown pieces at various arts festivals while also administering larger ideas that effect a wider community both performers and potential audiences by the means of some basic principles.

*That my philosophy of keeping myself entertained which I've used to fashion my clown work can be expanded to include deeper layered multimedia material.

* That the now proven fact [after 30 years experimentation] that I am "funny" can be used to frame my entire creative output and that output become less mono-disciplined and now include, written work, film and commentary as I spend the year further defining a wider creative 'voice'.

As usual the percolation of ideas continues

****Performance is ethereal it can resonate but by definition exists temporarily. By capturing footage from my singular perspective and with subsequent editing I can produce content. Content that itself becomes it's own permanent form.

I am moving to incorporate technology into my performance specifically by the use of a micro-camera inset into my costume helmet that allows me to capture footage, from my own unique perspective, of my interaction with crowds, audiences and selected individuals. I am looking also, having purchased '' in developing that site and training some stilt camera-people.

Last year was spent experimenting with a HD camera on my head during gigs. Within the limitations of the tech I have I've worked out a process of creating edited snippits. 'Moments' I'll be refining this further and bringing '' online this year.

Now it is May and, having already worked in China this year and with plans to return later in the year I have now established the beginnings of a production process involving filming while commenting in real time as well as creating post productive commentary and video editing skillsets which I am working on as my prime focus for the year.


****I am revising my various lesson plans in Clown character development, invisible theatre, notes on the recent history of contemporary street theatre, notes on the history of Clown etc and am finding in the process, as is often the case that the content improves with revision.

**** I am talking to a producer and a curator and local bodies as regards putting on a Kona Hawaii International Clown and Street Theatre Fest for Feb 2012.


Additional hobbies What will it be? I don't know but my guess is it won't be understated.

A 'commissioned on request' section on my website to further market potential whimsical projects.

My Book, 'Panto Damascus, One Clowns Alphabet.' is also in it's final stages of editing after it's completion last year and I am glad to have been convinced to give it the extra time and energy and outside help I now see it needed before releasing it.