This section will be fluid as I recatagorize and adapt and add to the soupy broth that is my untethered output to date.

Please bear with me as my goal is essentually selfish and your opinion or entertainment is and quite possible will always be secondary

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This website is primarily a marketing tool for my clown work and affiliated production and event work.

However I am allowing myself this one section to plonk out a lot of the various writing thats taken place over the years.

I used to travel round with accumulated scraps of writing finished and unfinished and written for no other reason than I took a certain pride in getting thoughts and observations out where I could see them and in doing so relieve myself of the mass of stuff I seem to carry round in my head.

I now have a laptop as a sort of secondary brainpan and so my luggage is noticably lighter.






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Childrens tales

Personal Investigations

Festival reviews

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