All the awful truths that underlie humanities folly smeared in technicolor across clumsy puppy-fat Spanish schoolgirl’s faces.

They are very brave the young, they can walk in public with naked need daubed in colorful globules across their dials, themselves convinced their mask is a reinvention when in fact its merely punctuation. With a feigned dignity, quite at odds with masses of makeup in primary colors and clothing which says as much about the absurd humor of the designer (this seasons joke seems to be stretch, vertical striped, pants.) as it does the fathomless gullibility of the early teen, gaggles of Spanish dayglow boob-tube virgins get on the bus.

At least I suspect they’re virgins, they certainly apply makeup in enough cartoon shades to suggest a firsthand infatuation with romantic fiction.
I don’t see what pedophiles see in them.
Hideous, spectacular, challenged, irony free, 13 year old impressionist makeup genius's.
(At that age where the boys their age are a foot shorter and still playing with insects.)
Catching bus’s in collective clouds of cosmetics, Clothing leaving so little to the imagination that your brain changes the subject in a defensive reflex but on another level such mental stamina is required to envisage successfully copulating with a teenager that the brain clicks back in again as it grasps its dealing with the same interesting mental fabrication that has you flicking through ultra violent revenge fantasies before sleep.

(I can only speak for myself)