A pathological aversion to responsibility, poor hygiene, slipshod, whimsy-dc-ale, constant disintegration , a dark dank alcoholic womb.

But luckily that was just Tony's bedroom, the rest of the apartment was quite spectacular


'The Independent on Sunday' 25th april

Thomas Woods and Rod Bennett were at the former's Long Island home on Saturday getting seriously sozzled. Then Woods had an idea to liven things up. He set fire to the rug and challenged his friend to see who could stay in the house the longest.
The late Mr Woods won.


Two years previous I had tried to contact Anthony on pnet
...."I 'd like to get in touch with Tony Living-space, could someone pull his head from the gutter, clear his breathing passages, point out that love and spit swapping in generals a glandular imbalance and romantic machoism's as unfashionable and impractical as his latest haircut and either get his e-mail or give him mine."...

and when I heard nothing back, I followed with...

...."Well if he's logging in and not replying its either because, using his own twisted, malformed cunning he ridiculously hopes to disguise his lack of coherency as 'mystique'
Or doesn't and has never liked me.
Knowing he's not a man to be goaded.
I will now insult him merely for pleasure.
And would ask that others do the same.
My first impression of Tony was of a shumbling shifty-eyed compulsive disorder with a haircut like those pictures of French female collaborators after the war.
His show, if not his whole life is like a long drawn out nervous tic.
When not slithering from one self made catastophy to another Tony spends days on end pondering how it all came to this. And devising producing, directing and acting in crisis.

Tony has since told me that I can write anything about the shows but the pan-cultural dynamics of a squatted series of apartments perched in the oldest part of an ancient settlement above a mountain valley in Spain..well its just too personal and anyway not speaking Spanish I can only sense things like a pet, using tones of voice and body language so I would probably arrive at heinously mistaken conclusions. Damn , I had some really good stuff too.