You are aware of the phrase ‘difficult to dislike’, likewise, ‘hard not to like’
Well in my case, its redundant.
I start with myself and work out in concentric circles.
Mother teresa, Jim Carey, The Dali Lama, the Beasty Boys,Greenpeace, Mother nature Its easy when you know how. Embrace the bile.
Even starving children can be disliked if you get up real close, after all its only distance that makes them attractive, distance and the fact that for the price of a weekly cappachino you could let them live, not that you do,- but just to know you can makes you feel good doesn’t it. Better about yourself.
Go on admit it, theres nobody here, you love those little potbellied critters don’t you, you need them in your own perverse way, they cheer you up, they give your life, if not meaning, then at the very least a perspective in which to endure your pointlessness. Honestly, who hasn’t thought to themselves ...
‘Gee, thank god I’m not a potbellied middle african 3 year old, then gone out and anethitised themselves with the socially acceptable drug of their choice.
And thats good, I admire that.
Drugs, comedy, light entertainment, all means to the same end really.
Suspension of disbelief.
Still the fact that you cannot dispair and laugh simultaneously does leave room for what we shall call hope.