Maryland Rennaisance Fest 2007

"You have brought a little sunshine into our week and no doubt to the other people in the street who have stopped
to watch you.
Just to watch the unsuspecting pedestrians coming up to your corner is priceless. We thank you for amusing us."

1st Floor Typing Pool, Glasgow

"Lurk is an exquisitely quirky shadow, whose musings with children and adults alike are among my most memorable festival images. Whether hiding behind a lamppost, sprawling across a balcony, or dancing impetuously to the
salsa band on stage, Martin Ewen provides magic, surprise, glee, and inspiration. He is truly the child within."

Ted Killmer
International Street Theatre Project
Utah Arts Festival
Salt Lake City UT

"Wickedly Funny"

Toronto Globe

"Innovative characterisation, excellent stilt skills, a fine sense of timing"

Arnold Bratof,
Director moscow state circus

"A delightfull melange of mime and caricature"

NZ Press

"Sardonic distain.. oddly endearing"

Press Perth

"Martin posses the rare combination of outstanding skill, understanding of human nature and tremendous good humour which result in a quirky, funny and sometimes confronting performance.His professionalism and attention to detail are outstanding and we consider ourselves privileged to have had him based here. "

Marija Jelavic,
co-ordinator promotions. City of Perth.

Denver Press 2000

Edmonton press 2000

Wellington press 2000

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