Hold Your Piss

I was about seven and it was to prove indicative of my later life I couldn't hold my piss. Every night I would dutifully go to the toilet before bed only to wake up the next morn in a pool of tepid urine.

My bladder seemed valveless while I slept. Sometimes I woke as it cooled uncomfortably and would consciously piss myself again just to warm up.

My mum took me to this old man to rent his machine and watched as he fiddled with my penis. He was just showing mum how to stick a plastic tube with an electrode at the end on. The tube containing my penis and the electrode had a wire connected to what looked like a 40's radio set. There was a speaker, a couple of switches and a knob with settings 1--9, these being the rates of electric shock I'd be given.

I wore a leather strap with conductive insets across my abdomen. My mum used to set this thing up on 3 , kiss me good night, then come back in later and wind it up to 9 while I slept.

At the first sign of leakage from my taped up member a red light would flash a buzzer would go off and I would twitch and flounder uncontrollably as my belly was methodically punched by this strange appliance.