Anti-gravity Theatre Consultancy

Event consultancy is a main focus this year,to continue to use research gained over an 18 year international career and apply it to corporate and other events CASTINGS, EFFECTS, INSTALLATIONS and PERFORMANCE.

Having worked internationally at corporate events for Panasonic, Coca Cola, Suntory, Cadburys, Mitsubishi, for Tourist Boards in both Singapore and Queensland and having also been involved in multi-million dollar private events in both Europe and Nth America, I offer an array of Effects, Installations and Performances compiled during this period and bring also the ability to cross reference talent and expertise from the International Arts festivals and other festivals I have participated in.

Casting research, Event creative development assistance, scheduling and stage/cast management are all areas of particular interest. Additionally any expansion or application of the concept of international street theatre or busking festivals is a keen area of interest.


Fees are either negotiated on a specific project basis
or my work can be done under a retainer (one year) which allows you to source me on call for priority engagement on your projects during that period.

Further inquires simply E-mail

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