my experienced cast

Ron Howard, a famous film director once told me, "OK one more time martin."
I'll never forget that.
Artistic directors lie.
And I am an artistic director.

My committed cast reside in Japan, Nth America, Europe and Australasia.
It is a testament to their depth that, even without Robert Nelson, they have over 100 years of street theatre experience between them.
They are all successful international physical comedians.


John Pike

Nth America-

Robert Nelson
Phil LeConte
Colin Franks
John Ullyatt
Karl Saliter


Daniel Pearson


Blake Barret

Nick Nickolas


Through teaching and performing in other theatre companies productions I also have access to cast in Chicago and LA.
All non solo performances are cast at the discretion of the director and involve elements of proximity, dynamics, continuity, voodoo and taste.

This, surprisingly and with generous amounts of goodwill, is the basis on which Anti-gravity theatres casting functions.

Additionally we are always open to individuals who believe they have something to offer, whether that be performance skills, production skills, sponsorship or patronage.

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